The NBShas just upgraded the National Data Archive and is using the latest  IHSN application known as NADA 4.0. This upgraded version will provide users of the Data Archive with improved functionality. This includes:

  • - the metadata browser is now integrated into the survey view and no longer opens in a new window.
    - support has been added for Microsoft SQL database use.
    - data access type - survey available from external repository added.
    - emails now go to a single admin account not to all admins

Comprare Variable

  1. Data Filter
  2. Exporting of Data
  3. Citation
  4. More detailed Report functionalities
  5. New Metadata Browser allowis you to browse the metadata to the variable level for each survey.
  6. The Metadata Browser allows links to supporting documentation such as: Technical Documents, Methodological Documents...the full series of supporting documents can now be provided on one site.
  7. New variable search functionality within the Metadata Browser.
  8. Increased security through User Registration.
  9. On line access to License Request Forms. No more faxing or bulky hand filled forms. Just fill out the on-line form for whether public use files or licensed data access and access the microdata.
  10. Easier access to primary survey documentation such as survey reports and questionnaires.

We will be improving this site and upgrading links. Please check back and see what is new. Remember to register as a user and feel welcome to our site.


Thank you for using our website, we please welcome your feedback.

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